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Thread: What Kind of Water to Mix with Coolant?

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    Default What Kind of Water to Mix with Coolant?

    So I've read about the wisdom of using distilled or deionized water when draining and refilling coolant systems - a task I need to do with all my cars except the G8, since the dealer just replaced the water pump. FWIW, here is the response I got from Prestone on this:

    Prestone does recommend mixing deionized/demineralized/distilled water with antifreeze to form the coolant mixture used in your cooling sytem. Retained salts and dissolved solids that are common in tap/well/city/ground water tend to form a layer of deposits on the interior of the cooling system, reducing flow and inhibiting heat transfer. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.


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    Yea, any of those will work. I'd stay away from cheap brands of water that don't explicitly say distilled or deionized. For example, there will be some jugs at your local grocery store that say "drinking water". Stay away from that since you don't know the filtering process for sure. Stay away from spring water as well.

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    So what did they say they wanted you to mix it with?..... or did they want you to buy their premixed solution..... they have magical water... ....
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    I just buy the gallon jugs of distilled water at the grocery store and call it good. Like waltJR said, make sure the jug says "distilled"!

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