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Thread: Time to make some changes.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by STL_G8GT View Post
    The zl1 needs the external fpr, but you know that now, and probably knew it before - but you've got a LOT going on.

    The v bucket can support the v stock pumps or there is a dw brand pump upgrade that drops right in the bucket if you get real wild and crazy. The vaporworx will work with the jms booster and stock v pumps, and it seems pretty bullet proof besides the whole over-voltage thing. (more volts, more wear, more heat, etc etc) I don't know if the version you have (same as mine) can output enough juice to power the dw pumps - but Carl would know that. I know his new versions do, or at least on his site he offers an add-on to make them compatible.

    I think it's a matter of time before someone combines the boost referenced pwm fpcm and reliable voltage booster in the same box. Separately those are a 800-900$ investment... You put both in the same chassis for $700-800 with a simpler/integrated control scheme and a can fuel pressure output and youd sell a million of them...

    You send it to NC and it'll come back a true monster. It's incredible what he's done for this community in such a short (relatively) period of time. Congrats in advance!!
    The VaporWorx ZL1 conversion uses an internal (in the fuel module) 60psi regulator. Due to the way a returnless fuel module is designed if an external regulator is used it can pump itself dry in certain circumstances.

    The concept of an integrated voltage booster + returnless PWM controller was in my head three years ago. Unfortunately, there is no promise for millions in sales ;-) and it's quite an exercise in design and substantial costs.

    The current generation of VaporWorx PWM controllers can handle up to 22v. The JMS voltage FuelMax integrates nicely since it has a progressive ramping function that helps reduce the time the maximum voltage is applied. When combined with PWM, the hit to the pumps is greatly reduced.

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    Hey Carl, well your kit will finally be installed by someone qualified to do it. I think mine is only good to 17 volts though.
    Rest in Peace Charlie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichsGreyGT View Post
    this site is hardcore modding central.

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