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Thread: Airbag fault after dead battery

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    Default Airbag fault after dead battery

    Back in April I was working out of town for 5 weeks.
    I knew the battery would be low but it was dead. Not even the usual red blinking security light on the cluster or radio. I didn't bother trying to start it but instead popped the hood and hooked up a battery charger to the jump posts.
    Horn honked weakly at first and cluster/dash lights kept blinking and flickering on and off so I decided it was better to pop the trunk, disconnect the negative cable, and charge the battery overnight that way.
    I connected it the next morning and it started like a champ. Radio did its usual CD mech after having no power, clock at 0000 hours, but now I've got "airbag fault" that won't go away after multiple starts.

    Disconnected battery and waited a while (I remember there being a sequence to do that before pulling airbag fuses). Then disconnected those fuses. 10 minutes later all connected and no difference. After key on, I get "airbag fault" message.

    Anyone have any solutions that worked for them in this case? Please let me know so I can provide helpful hints to dealer technician, it's at the dealer now for other issues.
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    Let me make sure I read it right.

    Dead battery - hooked up a battery charger - but did it under the hood to the aux + terminal and grounded to the engine eye. Car acted up - so instead of disconneting you went to the back and pulled the negative battery cable off the battery. Let it charge overnight that way - and now you have a warning light.

    First thing - I don't know where you heard or read the idea of pulling the negative battery cable while charging but that is very dangerous in general let alone on a modern car. Sorry you have an issue now but please don't do that again. It's unsafe for you and unsafe for the electronics on the car.

    Now - things to check - internal fuses by the dr side kick panel. check anything ABS and of course also check BCM and ign fuses. I need a diagram. There is one in there for COmm - pull that one too. There is a fuse for the comms buss and that's the network between the modules. If the abs is getting off messages it errors out also.

    Under the hood - there is another fuse panel - If I recall there is another ABS fuse and a Comms fuse there too as well as a BCM fuse. I would maybe check those.

    However - what I think might have happened. While it charged with the negative battery cable untied - many of the electronics of the car lost their ground as they are made to use a floating ground. As such the current charging the battery came in from the front of the car - taking the path of least resistance, over the hours might have leaked though modules and might well have damaged some of them.
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