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Thread: Efi live tuning?

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    Default Efi live tuning?

    Hi, I am new to the forum and new to the g8's. I am currently in the market for a g8 gt near Toledo, Ohio. Anyhow, I have been reading up on these cars and I noticed most people are using hand held or HP tuners for their tune calibration. Is there a reason nobody seems to use Efi live? I ask because I am all set up for Efi live for tuning my brothers LS camaro. It would make more sense for me to use my existing set up rather than buying HP tuners. Thanks for any input!

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    If you already have EFI live then no reason to switch to HPT. Most tuners use HPTuners while dyno and street tuning(save credits/money if you want to modify your tune afterwards yourself), but there are lots that also use EFI live. Since you are doing the tuning yourself save the money and use what you already have...

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